Demystifying the Ground and Fill

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Decoding the 6 Wisdom Areas

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Deepening Your Therapeutic Presence

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Level One

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Decoding the Impact of Trauma 1

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Discovering The Energy Signature 1

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Delivering Empowerment

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with Dignity

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Distilling the Essentials of Distance Healing


Once you have completed the Advanced Immersions for Healing From the Core Practitioner Certification, you are now eligible to take the Advanced Immersions required for the Master Practitioner Certification

Encore Community Gatherings  - Dates and Topics

Encore Community Gathering hours (3PM - 5PM ET)

All Graduates of Live Online and OnDemand Immersions will Join Together in Community Once a Month.  Each FREE Encore Community Gathering will cover One Immersion per Meeting with Updates, Question and Answer, Breakouts and Demonstrations. Suzanne and Other HFC Staff will be on Hand to Facilitate Learning as We Expand and Explore - In Community!


Jan 11 – Dying with Dignity

Feb 8 - Decoding the 6 Wisdom Areas

Mar 14 - Demystifying the Ground and Fill

Immersion Descriptions

Discovering Your Energy Signature 1
Advanced Immersion Training

Your Unique Energy Signature is making a statement every moment of Every Day. It is an Expression of who you are at a core level and most of us are not aware of how this natural radiance or presence is coming across to those in our world 

The Question is: does your energy signature make a statement that draws people to you? Or does it limit how you connect to those in your world? Do people naturally want to step into your practice and work with you? Or is there something in the way of that?

In this Advanced Immersion, you’ll become well acquainted with the resonance of your unique energetic presence – how it is received, who engages with you most easily, and how others’ shadow pieces keep them from connecting with you.

And, you’ll develop the flexibility to enhance or modulate your energy presence to meet each new client’s needs.

This training is for You if … 

  • You're Attracting only a Limited Number of Clients... even though you're capable of helping so many 

  • You Want the Energetic Resilience to uniquely meet every client — from who authentically are - and expand your positive impact. 
  • You Want to Feel Fully Embodied and Empowered naturally in each moment of Your Day.

Deepening Your Therapeutic Presence
Advanced Immersion Training

The Same Qualities that make you an Exceptional Practitioner also make you susceptible to Burnout. It’s One of the biggest Pitfalls most Talented Healers struggle with.

You know what we mean if you’ve ever done deeply healing work — only to carry your client’s baggage home with you. 

That’s why we’ve spent decades perfecting the two part formula for Therapeutic Presence that allows you to leave every session Full and Energized. 

When you learn to hold this critical space for yourself, you can support clients through even the biggest life transitions with confidence and ease.  Even better, it makes everything you do in session easier and more effective.  Because now you’re practicing with deeper awareness, connection and wisdom.

This training is for You if...

  • You’re so compassionate, your empathy is currently a liability because you unconsciously carry other people’s stuff.  And You Want to know how to make your Empathy a HUGE ASSET. 

  • You feel depleted and exhausted at the end of your day. And You Want to  feel grounded, present and energetically full. 

  • You tend to meet clients at the resonance of their trauma.  And You Want  to know how to meet them with a resonance that is healthy and full. 
  • You understand you need to put your oxygen mask on first, but it’s not yet second nature.

Dialoguing 1
Advanced Immersion Training

You May Be the Most Compassionate Practitioner on the planet.  Yet dialoguing powerfully in your sessions may still *not* feel second nature. 

Especially if you're a bodyworker or a CranioSacral Therapist who’s used to letting your hands do the talking. 

Fortunately, it’s a skill that can be learned. And it’s essential that you do...

Because clients will come to you with all kinds of sensitive issues they need your help with.

In this Advanced Immersion Training:

You’ll learn how to intuitively know what to say in every session. And in any circumstance you face.  

You’ll discover how to come off the autopilot responses we all have … and how to own your own projections … 

So you see each client clearly in every session.  

With trauma, with resistance, with fear, or when you’re just plain stumped, you’ll learn how to instinctively know what to say to help your client move forward with ease.

This training is for You if...

  • You’re so Empathic, it’s hard to stay Grounded and Neutral when your client gets uncomfortable. You may even instinctively withdraw without even realizing it. 

  • You want to Learn how to Stay in the Space of Curiosity that’s empowering for your client, whether they’re struggling to overcome physical, mental or emotional challenges. 

  • You want to Excel at taking Your Clients Deeper, through their fears and limitations, to the source of their pain, stress and dysfunction. So they can release their inner blocks and step into healing.  

Delivering Empowerment
Advanced Immersion Training

Everyday Life delivers a host of Mixed Messages Your Clients carry with them Unconsciously. 

 When these negative messages are internalized, they can cause your clients to sabotage their own health and well-being.   

In this Advanced Immersion, you’ll develop the gift of using your presence and language to return clients to their authentic inner power. 

You’ll help them recover as they step onto their deeper soul path or purpose.

This training is for you if …

  • You Want to Learn the fine art Combining Deep Presence with Empowering Language that helps remove your client's Barriers to Vibrant Health and Energy.

  • You Want to Expand Your Confidence and Presence to own all your gifts without Fear or Apology. 

  • You Want to Create an Environment in Each Session that Energizes and Empowers Your Clients .

Dying With Dignity
Advanced Immersion Training

It’s Natural to Shy Away from Death.  

Yet in this day and age, Sensitive practitioners like you are being called to hold space for every season of a person’s life.

In this Advanced Immersion Training, you’ll discover how to hold a grounded, healing presence, even in the face of the ultimate uncertainty.  And you’ll take away tools and protocols that help with this sensitive, tender time. So you can support a difficult challenge with confidence and comforting presence. 

You’ll even explore the fine art of midwifing a client into the next phase of their journey beyond their current life.  

This training is for you if...

  • You’re Uncomfortable with the Death and Dying Process. Yet you want to be in integrity with your clients, no matter what they need from you. 

  • You want to know how to Help Someone Exit their Life with lightness and grace … because they’ve already released the mental and emotional burdens that had previously weighed them down. 

  • You want to Release Your Own Inner Burdens. So you’re free to flow through every phase of your own life with agility and ease. 

Decoding the Impact of Trauma 1

Advanced Immersion Training

You May Understand the traditional “Fight, Flight or Freeze” Trauma Response.

Yet do you know how to Recognize a More Complex Trauma Response Unfolding?

In this Advanced Immersion, You’ll discover the subtle clues that tell you when a Client’s Deepest Pain is being triggered.

And You’ll grow your capacity to build the safety and trust that unlock their healing process at a pace they can handle. 

You will Refine the art of deep listening while engaging with curiosity – and trusting the information you receive from your body’s Wisdom Areas.

Build a practice of healthy connections, healthy boundaries, and resilience to help repair trauma – yours and that of your clients’.

And as always, we will practice remaining energetically full and grounded in your sessions while radiating the energy of love through your work.

This training is for you if … 

  • You Often Find Yourself Freezing when a Client wants to Run or Dissociate.  

  • You want to stay Energetically Full and Grounded no matter what kind of trauma comes up in your sessions. 

  • You know you have the Capacity to ease Your Clients' Fears. And you want to Master your ability to do it Consistently.

Advanced Immersion Training

Every Night Your Clients’ Dreams come Alive to give them valuable insights and information.  

Yet how do you interpret this forgotten language accurately — and then translate it in a way that empowers them? 

In this Advanced Immersion, you’ll learn how to mine for the gold in their dreams.

And You’ll become skilled at helping your clients interpret the wise symbols and metaphors of their own inner landscape.

This training is for you if …

  • You’re Drawn to Rich, archetypal symbolism that is so valuable to your clients' waking lives — and to the deeper voice of their soul.

  • Your Clients often stay on the Surface when there's clearly deeper wisdom coming through. But they don't know how to reach it themselves.  

  • You Want to Understand Your Own Dreams and How they Guide You toward Healing.

Decoding the 6 Wisdom Areas
Advanced Immersion Training

Each of the 6 Wisdom Areas of the body is a powerful generator of information and experiences in your clients.

Yet what happens when they’re disconnected and not working together? 

Just as the immune system is compromised when it’s blocked or restricted, the Wisdom Areas fail to operate optimally when they’re cut off from each other.  

In this Advanced Immersion, you’ll discover the pitfalls that come into play when the Wisdom Areas aren’t speaking to each other.

And you’ll uncover the gifts that come naturally when you help them integrate.

This training is for you if 

  • Despite their Big Hearts, your clients are often ungrounded. And they lack the stability to see their ideas through. 

  • You don't fully understand the Unique Experiences that come from different Wisdom Area combinations ... or how to enhance them. 

  • You want to Master the skill of helping your clients experience integration of Body, Mind, Emotions by embracing their 6 Wisdom Areas. 

Demystifying the Ground & Fill
Advanced Immersion Training

“Grounding and Filling With Life Energy” is a major cornerstone of the Healing From the Core® Method.

Yet because the process seems so deceptively simple, it’s easy to misunderstand the complex energy dynamics that are working under the surface. 

And unfortunately that makes it even more challenging to tailor an effective Ground & Fill to the needs of your individual clients.

This training is for you if …

  • You want to use this time-tested process effectively with every client you meet … even when their needs are vastly different.  

  • You want a word-for-word script you can use to present this elegant process to others. This is a great way to get people interested in taking the next step of their healing journey with you.

  • You want to practice the Ground & Fill process in a safe, supportive community … and receive expert feedback.


Level One Immersions

Graduates of any of the following may move into an Advanced Level One Immersion:

  • Distance Healing From the Core® (DHFC - previously named The 5-Pillars of Distance Healing From the Core®)
  • Healing From the Core® (HFC)
  • Developing and Deepening Your CranioSacral Presence (DDCSP) via the Upledger Institute
  • Full Body Presence: Grounding & Healthy Boundaries
  • L.E.E.P. Program: Leadership & Presence monthlong at the Esalen Institute

Level Two (Mastery) Immersions

To take any of the Level Two Immersion courses, students must have previously completed the Level One version of that course.